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Escape Room Night 2018

Location: Several places in Budapest 

5th Escape Room Night will be held in Budapest, when you can play with -50% discount all around the city. Details of the joined Escape Rooms are available on the following webpage: https://www.szabaduloszobak.hu/




The unique WHATDOYOUDRINK? Fesztival ("Mitiszol?" in Hungarian) is about to bring people together emphasizing the importance of naturalness. Guests can taste not only essential products of Terra Hungarica members (10 wine regions, more than 30 winemakers) but also the finest bottles of foreign winemakers from all over Europe.

Location: Budapest, Millenáris Park

Stay 3 nights + Transfer

Book at least 3 nights via our webpage and we provide you with FREE one-way transfer. Apply the available promo code on the bottom of the page.


169 €

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