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Senator Budapest

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8.0 / 10


2020-02-14 00:13


1.2 / 10


2020-02-02 05:48

The most disgusting place we have ever been to! And we have not gotten our money back that we were guaranteed!

8.0 / 10


2020-02-01 01:17

hi guys :). I am looking for help for me and my girl. i am from France

1.0 / 10


2020-01-28 12:39

Arrived at reception at 1500, it was closed with a sign on the door saying it’s open till 1800. Did not receive an email with a code to get the key out of the lock boxes next to the door! Had no phone that worked so we had to ask the friendly hairdresser next door to call for us! We then got the key and a piece of paper with the address and key code on it. We had to walk 200m or so to find the apartment on a map where it was incorrectly identified on the map! We then entered the code given to us on a piece of paper left in the key lock box which was completely incorrect! We kept trying for 45 min and no means of contacting the company as we didn’t have wifi or phones that worked as previously stated. Lucky for us a lady walked out of the apartment complex so we could get in! Once we walked in, we were disgusted with the state of the apartment! The bed linen was dirty the shower was mouldy the kitchen had food left there from previous occupants and the cob webs were out of control! The stains on the walls and furniture made us uncomfortable we instantly wanted to leave. This is not a serviced apartment/hotel and do not book if you are expecting cleanliness, any kind of service or a liveable room! If I wanted to stay in an Air bnb I would have booked one and it would have probably been a lot cleaner! Not to mention the whole apartment complex is under renovations with exposed wires everywhere and in the apartment! The photos on the website are completely inaccurate and do not reflect the actual place we walked into. We contacted flight centre straight away to change our renovations.

7.8 / 10


2019-09-20 02:15

really comfortable apartment, best location. you can reach almost everything just by walking. we will definitely come here again.

8.0 / 10


2018-12-11 07:44

close to town, but needs some attention to cleaning, the kitchen wasnt clean, fat on the walls and the floor had dirty black foot prints.. however beds and bath were clean, nice fresh towels

9.4 / 10


2018-10-02 04:02

Apartment in the city center witch is great, everything is in short distance. Staff is helpfull and nice, great service.

9.6 / 10


2018-03-02 08:31

Love Senator apartments. We have stayed several times and will always return when we are in Budapest.

9.2/ 10 pont

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