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Senator Budapest

Upcoming events in Budapest



Mulled Wine Festival

Warming mulled wine is the focus of this wintry gastronomic gathering taking place along the promenade near the Allee Shopping Center in Buda. Besides the cinnamon-scented tipples, other toasty alcoholic drinks include grog, punch, hot beer and pálinka specialties. Guests can also sip creamy hot chocolate, tea, coffee and sample select seasonal delicacies.

19-21 January, Allee Shopping Center



Mangalitsa Festival

Mangalitsa Festival - i.e. Furry Pig Festival. Mangalitsa Festival (or in Hungarian Mangalica Festival) is an annual gastronomic and cultural festival in February in the city center, on the beautiful Szabadsag square in Budapest. The festival is not just about mangalitsa food, you can buy artisan crafts and listen to lots of music too. And drink. Just keep warm.

Dates: 9-11 February, 2019
Location: Szabadsag Square, District V.

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